Idea - Air Conditioning
Cold draft is produced by every air-conditioning unit it affects health. www.LoveArtPassion.com Click https://www.Loveartpassion.com/ideas.php Genuine amazing ideas explained in art videos, staeblering featured in CNN iReport too. Staeblering - stop insects, rats etc. Save lives & energy. Prevention of chagas, dengue, malaria and other diseases No chemicals. Seal your home from insects. (Salve vidas, sauver des vies). An idea which could transform the world. Click staeblering: http://youtu.be/kBaoUoiEhOg simple, fast, cheap and effective. About idea "Re" Air-condition. Avoid cold draft. Easy and low cost to realize. As soon room temperature gets above dialed room temperature, cooling with around 18 celsius air kicks in, until programmed temperature is reached again. Causing health hazards. Cold draft leeds to local cooling of the body. Especially when you asleep and not moving. Children and the elderly are specially affected by it. The amount of air speed, turbulences of air and temperature difference of cold and hot air are the factors playing part to produce an unhealthy environment. Which reduces the capability of your immune system and increases likeliness to get viral infections. The result of cold draft are that you may suffer from rheumatism, arthritis and many other sicks more likely in your life. Love and passion for art, music, color, phantasy and the world is our strength. By https://www.Loveartpassion.com For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages: http://ChannelPages.com/wwwloveartpassioncom