Video Caution - Hepatitis. Deadly Danger
Danger & Prevention of viral Hepatitis. Summary & conclusions after 3min video. https://www.LoveArtPassion.com informs about a global & good idea. You see a contribution to worldwide health care by LoveArtPassion.com. 1.Test your blood in a laboratory for Hepatitis C. Do it even if you are not in the high risk population mentioned later. We never know, we could be infected and do not feel any symptoms. When you feel symptoms, damage is already done. There is no vaccine against Hepatitis C, but medicines (costly) which cure the disease exist. Not treated Hepatitis C leads to liver destruction and possibly liver cancer. 2. Make as soon as possible vaccines against Hepatitis A and specially B if you have not made it before. Vaccines Hepatitis A (1 injection) and B (3 injections) stay valid lifetime. Hepatitis A infection: Mostly you make full recovery (can also be severe). Hepatitis B infection: No cure exists, only maintaining medicines and diet. Very important to get vaccine. Babies of Hepatitis B infected mothers, need first vaccine and special booster against Hepatitis B within 12 hours after birth. So they won‘t get infected as a result of birth. Hepatitis A and B could lead to liver destruction and possibly liver cancer. For more information about Hepatitis speak with your doctor, hospital and Google search. Please take your precautions, Hepatitis is very dangerous and forces you to diet. No more alcoholic drinks, avoiding certain foods etc. LoveArtPassion is happy to have informed you well, we hope that you enjoyed. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Thank you. May Love, Art & Passion be with You :-)