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LAP - Customised content creation: videos, design, paintings & sound. Love, Art & Passion for our service to your company & colour, consciousness, ideas, tips for the world is our ambitious strength.
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New :-) Please, Visit: Website & Software Development. IOS & Android Advanced. Content Creator: Design, Video & Sound. Best Indian Programmers from Bangalore. Low Rate - Living in Developing Country.

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Most Famous & Watched: "Staeblering" New Idea - Stop Insects, Rats, Spider etc.

3 Videos Available in Each Languages En, Es & Fr.
youTube Videos 3.9 Million Views, 201 Countries
Featured in CNN iReport - Amazing
Prevents Mal de Chagas, Malaria, Dengue, stings & bites. save billions of dollars yearly. Protect food stock worldwide. Avoid use of insecticide. Easy, fast, cheap & effective - good.

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Artist Chris Staebler. Founder of LoveArtPassion - LAP. Discovered "Staeblering". Painted best oil paintings. To buy paintings, designs, videos & sounds. Content & customised content. Contact us today. LoveArtPassion.com & LoveArtPassion.org are sister companies by LoveArtPassion.com™. We are thrilled & honoured to serve you :-)

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