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LoveArtPassion™ - LAP. An association of friends, Artists & web developers from India.

In 2008 Christian Staebler, Switzerland founded enterprise www.LoveArtPassion.com™ Love & passion for art, sound, colour, phantasy & the world is our strength. LoveArtPassion gives you a good time, Creative ideas & we hope a smile for the day.

LoveArtPassion™ consists today of two sister companies LoveArtPassion.com & LoveArtPassion.org

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We will be thrilled to unveil our New Social Web Site in 2019 - www.LoveArtPassion.net A social platform different of everything you know. A sensual adventure, art, entertainment, a new way to communicate & connect with friends.

Chris Staebler, artist & founder LoveArtPassion
Chris Staebler or Christian Staebler
Founder LoveArtPassion™

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Global & good ideas. Best oil paintings with music. World art, best videos & entertainment. CNN iReport: Stop insect & rat. No chemical. Save lives & energy.

Best & beautiful oil paintings & designs on sale. Seen in art videos in all the world, youTube (4 million views) or see it in website with sounds.

Staeblering - Stop insects. Seal your house & rooms from dust & pollution. Stop spiders & lizards too. Easy, cheap, fast & effective. An idea which could save your live at home or in holidays.

Good ideas & tips. World's best & most advanced art page, immersive, showing oil paintings & designs with music & sound effects. Video art & more.

Experience now, more beautiful & immersive, best oil paintings with sound effects. Visit with desktop or tablet our full site - www.LoveArtPassion.com

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Who We Are
We are a team. Indian programmers in Bangalore & LoveArtPassion™ founder Chris Staebler.
Our chief of staff & programer expert from India, was already mentioned & celebrated during his teens in Indian news papers. He stood out for his innovative programming skills , focus to achieve & going beyond average. He created as solo programmer, the first "Made in India" framework & a social network already in his teens. In 2012 he founded his own company, which became known as the best in Bangalore India to develop websites, software, mobile apps & designs. We are thrilled & honoured to serve you.

What We Do & Love
We are a team. Indian programmers in Bangalore & LoveArtPassion™ founder Chris Staebler.
We show you the logical, best & shortest way to achieve your awesome & interesting project. Complicated or easy, we go beyond average & limits, right to the centre of your plan, to give you success in the world wide web. So you & your best ideas will have a lasting impact & a great resonance in this world.
Visit LoveArtPassion.org for software & web development. Design & videos.

LoveArtPassion™ - LAP a YouTube Partner

Subscribe to our youTube Channel. Best ideas presented in art videos. Superb paintings & lovely music. Video art & sound effects.LoveArtPassion a worldwide brand, watched in 200 countries & territories, just amazing with worldwide impact.


We need your support, in likes, shares, comments & subscriptions, to have an impact in this world. It only works with You :-)

LoveArtPassion™ Featured in CNN iReport. Theme: Stop Insects & Save Lives.

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Biography. Chris Staebler. Swiss Artist & Founder of LoveArtPassion™

Christian Staebler discovered especially Staeblering: Stop Insects and Rats. Save Lives and Energy. No Chemicals, Seal House - Featured in CNN iReport - Multiple Benefits.
Christian Staebler also Chris Staebler. Artist born in Zurich. Lived in Biel, Bern, Basel & Zurich Switzerland
What always interested me "To Be, Consciousness & Dreams".

2019 To come an Amazing Interactive Multimedia Web Site www.LoveArtPassion.net I hope! Soon it is done ;-)
2017 Creation of LoveArtPassion.org - Website & software development. IOS & Android advanced. Content: design, video & sound. Indian programmers. Better rate, living in developing country.
2013 CNN iReport features staeblering in English & Spanish. Stop insects & rats. Save lives & energy. Best global ideas. In art videos with atmospheric music by LoverArtPassion
2013 Joining Social Web Sites   Google+, Twitter, FaceBook Private & FaceBook Enterprise
2013 YouTube uploads: global good ideas. Best designs & best oil paintings shown as art videos with music by Loverartpassion.com. Very good youTube & Google search rankings, which will even get better in future.
2013 Intuitive, genuine, new global & good ideas just appear in my mind & get created. Especially Staeblering. Saves lives & stop's insects. Save energy & billions of dollars. Disease prevention, like Mal de Chagas, Dengue, Malaria etc. Explore other good ideas about: Smoking, , Air-condition & Mouse Pad. Made as youTube art videos with music.
2008 Founding the enterprise LoveArtPassion™. Love & passion for art, music, colour, phantasy & the world is our strength. LoveArtPassion gives you a good time, creative ideas & we hope a smile for the day too :-) Leaving from enterprise Free-Art.
2007 Exhibition at Die Quelle, Meditation Centre, Bern, Swiss.
2007 Exhibition Art Gallery Kunst7 in Zurich, Switzerland.
2003 Moving from Switzerland to the Philippines
1995 Foundation of Free-Art with Ueli Weidmann, this led to intensive design works, in the synthesis of photography, computer & traditional oil painting.
1980 Won art contest in Bern, Switzerland (Paintings, Oil on Canvas & Sculptures).
1979 Different exhibitions in Bern.
1978 Street art, drawings in Switzerland (Mandalas - Art made by a group of artists).
1977 Oil Painting & music are in my lifes centre.
1976 Sitar & music lessons in India.
1975 Trips around the world at early age. Photography & music.